16 and 17 June 2018
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Acknowledgments: Amos, Max and Peter

This year again, the music of the Devil is in the spotlight in the small town of Caslano. It is in the heart of the canton of Ticino, Switzerland, near Lugano, that we will live beautiful moments in the company of artists from all over the world, proof that the blues is a universal music.

Friday, June 16th:

It is on the small stage and with the sweet voice of Angelo Leadbelly and his musicians that the serious things begin, we will thus be entitled to three inter plateaux of high quality with later in the evening, Steve Sonora and the Max Dega Blues Band.

At 9 pm, the crowd clings to the big stage and seems curious to discover the first group of the evening. Demian Rodriguez’s Demian Band, from Argentina and Spain, plays a rather energetic and completely crazy blues like the hair of guitarist Edgar Garcia and drummer Enrique Parra who will have no pity for his chopsticks!

After this concert that would open any auditory canal, it is the turn of the German group Hamburg Blues Band to come on stage, accompanied by Maggie Bell, whose tones are reminiscent of those of the great Janis Joplin, and talented guitarist Krissy Matthews.

Beyond the music that was very rock, definitely, this concert lacked the famous little extra soul, the one that leaves traces, the one that makes us say that the blues is also sharing and that when is asking for a reminder it is good to know how to honor its audience, by the way!

2 o’clock in the morning … The first evening ends, the public come in number as usual is delighted and has star-filled eyes, ready to come back and discover new world blues talent.

Saturday, June 17th:

On the program, heavy as would say one of my dear fellow photographer! We had already met in previous years and his music is matched only by his talent, it is Marco Lenherr to open this beautiful evening that is announced.

At 9 pm, the audience is as hot as Ticino Basin that evening, ready to jiggle on the intoxicating music of James and Black from Austin, Texas. The pianist and singer Bruce James and the charismatic Bella Black offer us a register rather soul, a music made to move full of generosity and sharing. In short, a directory that fits perfectly with the Caslano Blues 2018!

Then follow the gig of the incredible Ghalia & Mama’s Boys. Talented and charming Ghalia, surrounded by Johnny Mastro on harmonica, Smokehouse Brown on guitar, Dean Zucchero on bass and Christophe Gaillot on drums. The combo offers us a concert at the height of our hopes, full of energy and exchanges with the public, rhythm’n’blues songs tinged with music New Orleans, where was also realized his last album “Let The Demon Out.

2018, another incredible edition of Caslano Blues, a special edition both in terms of programming and the quality of the organization of the event. 2018 will also be marked by new initiatives, indeed for several years Peter Harradine (Harradine Golf Company), active member of the association Pro Caslano, supports and finances part of the project “Missispipi, Land of Blues”, I will take advantage to thank him warmly.

It was therefore natural to propose a new partnership to keep the Blues alive in France, Switzerland and Europe. For this it is necessary that women and men work together and in this sense. It is therefore in the person of his new vice-president Behgam Kazemzadegan, who came for the occasion, that the association France Blues proposed a collaboration with the Swiss association Pro Caslano represented by Amos Sassi, its president.

The working meeting and the exchange of presents were made with the greatest cordiality and the desire to work together was perceptible. These exchanges ended with invitations to attend the Blues sur Suresnes festival in May 2019 and a concert where Behgam, a young and talented Parisian bluesman, shared the stage with the local artists, what to envision a bright future between our two countries.

Sylvie Bosc – July 2018